Do Not Disturb

Who has access to your unattended MacBook?

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Latest Version: 1.3.0, Requires macOS 10.12+, iOS 10.3+

sha-1: 92300186b66fb235b08bb743c734cc00af8c8665

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Stop the Evil Maid!

Do Not Disturb alerts you to Evil Maid attacks and other unauthorized access to your unattended MacBook. The iPhone application works in conjunction with MacOS software to monitor your laptop for lid open events and notify you in real-time.

Borderless Alerting

Do Not Disturb is built for the mobile workforce. Do Not Disturb runs software on your MacBook so that protections follow your computer everywhere.

Remote Responses

After receiving an alert you can remotely control your laptop from the iPhone application to take a picture using the MacBook camera or initiate a hard shutdown to trigger enabled FileVault disk encryption.

Enterprise Ready

Do Not Disturb easily integrates with your enterprise. Devices are centrally managed by an enterprise specific Certificate Authority. Alerts can be configured to be centrally logged to an enterprise SIEM.